Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Magnet and Steel

This week I found out that sticking your credit card in your vest pocket with your kids' magnets really will muck up the card's magnetic strip. Not an old wive's tale. Just so you know.
I also found out that the only thing more annoying that having your credit card get ruined by magnets is to have to explain in advance to the gas station attendant that your card is perfectly valid but won't scan. And then to explain why. And then to have the attendant look at you askance, like you're a crazy old lady, a crazy old shyster lady, and then go off and try to swipe your card through the machine anyway.
Which leads, because she swiped it several times before giving up, to your credit card's fraud detection agency being alerted to suspicious activity and calling to make sure that really was you purchasing $35 bucks worth of gas. And you think $35 bucks? It only took $35 bucks to fill up my tank? Woah.
Which makes you forget all about the magnets and the credit card.

song: Magnet and Steel • artist: Walter Egan

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sweet Dreams

I asked H why he was wearing his shorts to bed under his fleece pajama bottoms and he told me that he hadn't had any bad dreams since he started wearing his shorts to bed so why mess with a good thing.
There's no come back for that kind of logic.
Rock on my short's wearing son.
Sweet dreams.

song: Sweet Dreams • artist: The Eurythmics

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Major Tom

People have been posting on FB about where they were and what they were doing 30 years ago today when the space shuttle exploded. I can tell you exactly where I was - in the school library - must have been a study hall.
But what I remember most about that tragedy was that the weekend after it happened my boyfriend was home from college and we went to see Out of Africa at the Nickelodeon. After the movie we were leaving out the side exit to the back parking lot when I realized he was crying. It took me a minute to figure out he wasn't crying because (spoiler alert) Robert Redford's plane crashed, he was crying about the astronauts.

That's what I remember most about the Challenger explosion.

song: Major Tom • artist: David Bowie

Saturday, January 09, 2016

I'll Never Fall in Love Again

Love Stinks   (J. Giles)
Love Hurts   (Nazareth)
Love Bites   (Def Leppard)

song: I'll Never Fall in Love Again • artist: Dionne Warwick

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Alive and Kicking

When I was a kid things were simpler.
We had one jar. Skippy Peanut Butter.
Now we have the good peanut butter (cookies) and the cheap peanut butter (mouse traps). 
Aside from that there's the almond butter and the soy nut butter, the sunflower butter and the sesame butter.
Some go in the fridge and some do not.
You have to read the labels.

song: Alive and Kicking • artist: Simple Minds

Monday, January 04, 2016

I Was Made for Dancing

Leif Erikson sailed 1,000 miles from Greenland to North America in order to bring back timber to his tree-sparse homeland. It was a three-year journey.
My kids complain when they are asked to go to the garage to get logs for the wood stove.

song: I Was Made for Dancing • artist: Leif Garrett

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Let it Grow

Seed catalogues in the mail today!
Gardner porn!

song: Let it Grow • artist: Eric Clapton