Thursday, April 27, 2006

You're my best friend

Earlier this month my 3-year old found a caterpillar in our garden. He decided to keep it and deposited it in a old cottage cheese container that he loaded up with moss, acorns, leaves, dirt, rocks and other assorted goodies that he figured caterpillars liked to eat.
He displayed him proudly to daddy when he got home and announced he was going to keep the caterpillar until Friday so Nana and Papa could see it.
At bedtime he brought the contained upstairs and put it under his bed so the caterpillar could "sleep with me." Then he declared that the caterpillar was "my best friend." A caterpillar is his best friend? That's so pathetic! I've got to get the kid more playdates or a puppy.
Since the caterpillar we've had an earthworm, and slug, and today it's one of those woolly caterpillars although I haven't actually seen this one move - ever. Of course if it's dead that will only make it easier for us to care for, and if it was dead when he picked it up I don't have to feel guilty that I'm letting my son kill wildlife in order to develop an appreciation for nature.

song: You're My Best Friend • artist: Queen