Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

My older son caught this toad in our friend's driveway Saturday night and insisted on bringing it home. He kept it in the terrarium we recently recreated out of an old aquarium we acquired through freecycle. Now the toad is gone (deposited under a hosta in the backyard) but I can only find 3 of the 6 land snails that were in the terrarium before Mr. Toad's visit!

song: Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog • artist: Three Dog Night

Ordinary Average Day

So today I spent the morning sitting at the Subaru dealership getting a duplicate of my key and remote key entry system, which cost me $88 and seemed to take an awful long time. The must have sensed it was taking too long, in addition to being overprices because they ran the car through the car wash as an added bonus. That's right, throw the mom a bone. The little waiting room had a giant flat screen TV broadcasting endless Fox news so I got to hear about the woman who was strangled with a bikini top about 50 times until the guy with the earbuds half in and half out finally got up and walked out and I turned off the TV. Then he came back when I thought he had left for good so then I felt kinda guilty for turning off the TV except that there weren't really any new developments in the murder investigation. They weren't even saying if it was her bikini, it was just "a bikini." Which I know isn't funny and those humorless M&M-loving woman would really come down on me for pointing out a detail like that but don't you just hate it when they belabor something when they don't really have anything new to say? They just wanted to keep flashing photos of the girl and her college friends. So anyway, earbud guy came back but didn't turn the TV back on. I think that if you turn off the TV other people are too embarassed to turn it back on, they don't want to be singled out as the low brow who wants to watch FOX news at 10 in the morning. So then the baby and I went to the bank and I opened a passbook savings account for him and deposited his life savings which amounts to $50. Then we went to the water store as toddler #1 calls it, where you can fill up your own gallon containers with "spring" water for a quarter. I'm probably paying a quarter for town water but anyway... I made a Seinfeld "big salad" for lunch, using Laird's recipe for hard boiled eggs, which might have been the high point of the day. Baby #1 had left overs and pooped in his high chair. Husband #1 took the baby to town with him after lunch (he's on vacation this week). He fell asleep in the car (the baby, not the husband) so I got to go to the vet with just the cat. The cat has been shut in the bathroom for three days because she hasn't been using the litter box and she's been spot peeing all over the house, which is nasty. So she got a shot of penicillin and a rabies shot which cost me $75 plus we have to give her antibiotics twice a day for the next week. Gads. I have the most boring life! After the vets I returned books to the library and dropped off some stuff at the the office, requests for story contacts that the sales reps will just ignore because I'm not assertive enough so no one takes me seriously! Back at home I took down the slimy shower curtain, cleaned it and hung it back up, plus started bleaching mold off upstairs bathroom walls, for some reason when they added on to our house and put in a second bathroom no one had the foresight to put in a fan which just goes to show that the people who lived here before us weren't the brightest bulbs when it came to home improvements. It's like our house is a magnet for the home improvement-challenged.
Oh and to wrap things up? I had to tear myself away from a rerun of the Simpsons just to finish this e-mail to you!

song: Ordinary Averyage Day • artist: Joe Walsh