Saturday, July 09, 2005

And if it rains I don't mind...

All this rainy weather has been testing my "crafting" abilities. Today I cut out paper teddy bears for toddler #1 to decorate, ultimately I'm going to string them together and hang them up but we haven't gotten that far. On Tuesday we played with clay for a long time except that I made the mistake of making a pinch pot and then making in into a potty (because that's what it looked like!), then toddler #1 wanted me to make a man pee-peeing in the potty and he had to be anatomically correct of course and then Ken came by and saw it and was mortified and we referred to the little clay man as potty man for the rest of the day. Today we also cut some bugs out of colored paper and stuck them to the windows in the living room but I mostly did that project myself and toddler #1 just taped them to the window.
So toddler #1's been asking me if girls don't have penises, what then do they have? So I have to tell it like it is and so I say "girls have vaginas," which will totally mortify Ken to death, far more than potty man, but really, what can you say? But the funny thing is that toddler #1 can't say vagina at all and it comes out sounding like "pajamas" so he's going around saying "girls have pajamas," which sounds pretty innocent if not downright funny.

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