Monday, March 15, 2010

Take It Easy

H is having a real Moby Dick kind of week. In front of the library on Saturday he saw a white van and exclaimed: "Look Mommy, that white car looks just like Moby Dick!"
For my part, I barely made it through my 15 minutes of Melville yesterday, while C read his bit and coerced Ken into taking him back down to the library at midnight to have another listen.
Moby Dick is a bit like Harry Potter in that in HP book 4 it takes the opening 100 pages just for Ron, Harry, and Hermoine to get back to Hogwarts. One hundred pages into Moby Dick and the Pequod still hasn't left the dock. What the heck are they doing? Attending the Whaling World Cup?
I for one was glad to get back to my less-challenging reads.
Call me ignoramus.

song: Take it Easy • artist: The Eagles


Jill said...

I totally love that C wanted to go back at midnight. I left at 11:30 that night, but now wish I had stayed until midnight!

Joanne said...

Ken said they stayed for two readers. He admitted to falling asleep but thought C was listening the whole time.
Then of course there was the lure of the snacks!