Friday, May 14, 2010

Not The Only One

Yesterday I read about Amy Wilson, mother of three, who has a new memoir out titled "When Did I Get Like This?" in which she chastises herself for bad parenting practices such as feeding her children dinosaur chicken nuggets three times a week.
What gives? I'm a crappy, insecure parent. Where's my book deal?
Today I read that Caitlin Gallagher has been wearing her Diane von Furstenberg wrap around dress for 30 days in a row and blogging about it.
Since when is wearing the same clothes every day news? I do this all the time. I'm on day three of the outfit I have on right now. Wait - no - it's after midnight - make that day four.
Seems as if we're scraping the bottom of the idea barrel if wearing the same clothes for a month straight is the best gimmick we can come up with.
At least Ms. Gallagher could have made it an interesting outfit. A prom dress, a maid of honor frock, a halloween costume - with mask.
When I was taking children's literature at the community college I showed up one day to find that the classmate in the seat to my right was sporting a lion's tail.
"Production of The Wiz?" I asked.
He explained that the tail was the barometer by which he judged people. Those who crossed to the other side of the hall and avoided eye contact with him failed the test.
The article goes on to say that Ms. Gallagher posted a link to her blog on Diane von Furstenburg's Facebook page and when she heard that Ms. DvF had read the blog, said she, "never, never would have dreamed that she would read it."
This seems disingenuous. Why post to someone's FB page if you don't expect or at least hope the other person will read it? Isn't that the whole point?
If not then why the blog? Why the article in the Globe?
I'm not faulting Ms. Gallagher, merely pointing out that she wanted to get caught.
No blog, no glory, as the saying goes.
So go ahead, wear the same dress every day for a month, feed your kid chicken nuggets repeatedly for lunch - but don't think you're original.

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Anonymous said...

i wear the same pants all weekend and once during the week (and almost every afternoon for that matter - I change into them when i get home form work). They're the most comfortable pants I own - I guess I should buy another pair. I also feed my kids dino chicken nuggets and hot dogs about every other day.


Kerry said...

Hey Mommy Rant, why are you such a Negative Nelly??

Joanne said...

Hey Kelly,
You should be up for a book deal too!

Joanne said...

Hey Kerry,
Because that's what a rant is.