Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Call Me

Cell phones have rendered obsolete an entire genre of music - the telephone angst love song.
You know the type, either the love-sick caller can't reach his intended because she's not answering (Telephone Line, ELO); or the caller muses over his betrothed with the dispatcher, an employee from MA Bell who, though silent, acts the part of the good therapist (Operator, Jim Croce).
Nowadays not only do you not need a third party to connect you, there's little chance you'll get no answer when you call - at the very least you'll get voice mail.
Surely the outcome would have been different had Dr. Hook been able to talk to Sylvia directly instead of merely to her mother, and if that pesky operator wasn't repeatedly requesting nickels (Sylvia's Mother, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Man).
Then there's the peeping Tom of telephone songs, Wichita Lineman. Get off the line already!
Even the Beatles can't always get through (You Won't See Me).
But it's not as if there's no precedence for this in the music world. 
Witness: In Your Letter, Take A Letter Maria, Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter, and Please Mr. Postman.

song: Call Me • artist: Blondie

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