Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shelter from the Storm

Rec Center soccer started yesterday. H's team is called Storm. All the teams in his league have weather-related names. Well, most of them do. Cyclones, lightening, thunder, tornadoes, avalanche, etc., and then when the rec. dept. ran out of weather-themed names they threw in some solar system stuff (asteroids, stars, supernovas). Guess they figured it was all "up there."
For me, Storm just doesn't cut it. It's too general. Generic if you will. It's not scary - like cyclone or twister, you wouldn't want them bearing down on you. But storm. It's just a storm. It's puny and weak. Something that couldn't even work itself up into a hurricane. Maybe it's a light rain, a drizzle, a summer shower. 
And what about all the good weather-related names they forgot to use, like blizzard, squall, tempest, typhoon, monsoon, and the scariest one of all: tsunami.
I'm sure they're all busy down at the rec center but honestly, I think they could have tried harder. I'm just sayin'.
Now I'm stuck yelling "Go Storm!" for the next eight weeks and it sounds ridiculous.
Team Storm has the black t-shirt and socks. We were late getting to the field yesterday and all the other kids were off in a mid-field huddle by the time H was dressed and ready to go.
"Just follow the other black kids!" I yelled as he ran off.
Somehow that didn't sound good either.

song: Shelter from the Storm • Bob Dylan

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KellyB said...

i think the name should be changed to Noreaster! :)