Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Horses

One morning, out of nowhere, N came downstairs and announced, "today we ride horses."
S jumped right on that bandwagon.
I said I didn't know of any places where we could go horseback riding but he seemed unconvinced.
Later that morning, in the car on the way to the library, N said he'd forgotten his gun, which he needed in order to "shoot horses, make them come."
I suggested that maybe we could make them come just by calling them - without having to shoot them to which Silas said, "you have phone?"
It was another "Waiting for Godot" moment, courtesy of my twins.
Luckily N & S got to go on the pony rides at the Freyburg Fair - without having to shoot any ponies.

song: Wild Horses • artist: The Rolling Stones

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