Saturday, August 25, 2012


Miles to Saint Johns: 475
Number of Red Bulls it took to get there: 1
Maine Turnpike: expensive
Maine Turnpike rest stops: lottery ticket magnets
Towing a Mini Cooper behind your super enormous Winnebago: misleading
My car: trailing another piece of half-torn plastic
Hotel pool: open until 11!

song: Vacation • artist: Go-Gos


mod mom beyond indiedom said...

Have fun on your vacation!! You have a mini cooper!! I want one. Envious. ;)

Joanne said...

I wish. The Winnebago towing the mini cooper was on the Maine Turnpike. It just seemed too funny to let go. I suppose the huge camper and the mini cooper cosmically balance each other out.

Kevin said...

Have fun! Maine is my idea of a vacation! You know what would have been funnier? If the person hooked the Mini up to the front of the Winnebago and they were pushing it, it would have looked like the Mini was towing it.

Joanne said...

Good idea! And if they had put a dog in the front seat of the Mini...