Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Son of a Preacher

Larissa at Papa is a Preacher invited me to participate in my first-ever blog hop. And let me just say outright - I was thrilled to be asked. That was last Thursday. And then the link up closed and like many a project around my house - I didn't get it done.
You see there was this caveat - not the part about commenting on other people's blogs, that I can do - it was coming up with something of my own to post.
What do you mean you couldn't think of something to post? You post to this blog all the time.
Yes, yes, I know. But I post a sentence or two. An observation. A Seinfeldism. A random thought. Nothing in complete paragraphs that I could show my ninth-grade English teacher. That's right, get your head out of that Edward Gorey book Ms. Spring - I'm talkin' to you. Little of substance.
I sometimes marvel at bloggers who write daily missives. Where do they get their inspiration? Who's hanging the laundry and prepping dinner while they are writing?
I also know that there's many a site out there to provide inspiration for bloggers block in the form of various prompts and themes and five-minute free-form writing assignments. That I don't participate is my own lack of commitment I suppose. Or maybe it's something deeper.
I want to participate. I really do. I guess I just feel funny about admitting that I'm writing for an audience. That it's not just an online journal and oh look you happen to have found it. Picking a theme or participating in the chat means the jigs up - I do care. There. Fine. I said it. I care. I want you to read this. I want you to like me. I really do.
I feel a bit like Maurice Sendack's Pierre. Now can I fold the folding chair?

song: Son of a Preacher Man • artist: Dusty Springfield


Loki-Lou said...

I can't remember if this is my second or third joining of Larissa's blog-hop...I'm also taking part in the BlogHer NaBloPoMo challenge.

Oh.My.Word! My brain panics whenever I open a new post on my blog; I worry I'll have nothing to say, and half the time I'm surprised I write anything at all!

Come join the party! :)

Larissa T. said...

I'm so glad you joined! We love having you over,thank you for coming.

I know what you mean about it being hard to admit .. makes us feel vulnerable doesn't it? But we're here, and we like you. :)

Ann said...

Hello there neighbor! Great post! Gorey and Sendack too! Love your blog, glad you linked up at Larissa's!

Winnie said...

Enjoyed your post. I can't write daily, I try to create my posts after I make my cards or whatever craft I am doing, but there never seems to be a week that I can do it daily. But, I enjoy the experience of participating as much as possible.

Journey of Life said...

It is quite entertaining to read your writing. Will come back often :-)