Friday, April 19, 2013

Hot Stuff

Things I forgot to pack:
the corkscrew
the cribbage board
the alarm clock
the umbrellas 

None of these omissions mattered too much. Well the corkscrew might have been a problem but we were able to borrow one. 
I always feel a bit like a player in the George Carlin riff "A Place for my Stuff" when I set my alarm clock, lip gloss, and hair barrette on the hotel-room or condo night stand. The part where he talks about going away on vacation but being okay with it because you still have "some of your stuff."
I thought too that with internet radio we could listen to WMVY even though we're 300 miles away from the Vineyard. But what's the point of traveling if every thing's just going to be familiar when you get there?

song: Hot Stuff • artist: Donna Summer

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audrey said...

I love that Carlin rant! The worst thing we left behind on a vacation was the bag of bathroom stuff that had the Calms Forte for my son to "hopefully" help him sleep in the hotel. We got next to no sleep that trip :(