Friday, June 07, 2013

Walk This Way

When I go out for my nightly loop around Pine Bay I have to walk on Quaker Road for maybe 1/8 of a mile. It's the part of the walk where I encounter the most cars.
I've noticed that when I'm walking against the traffic (on my way out) the cars will generally pull way way over to the other side of the road when they drive past me. 
I hardly think this is necessary as I'm an averaged-sized person walking to the outside of the white line. I'd be happy if the cars just slowed down a bit - unless of course you're a really cr*ppy driver - then - by all means, pull way, way over and pass me on the opposite side of the street.
I've also noticed that on my way back, when I'm walking with the traffic (it seems silly to cross the street to walk against the traffic for 1/8th of a mile only to have to cross back on a curve to get to my road), the cars rarely veer to the other side of the road in fact they neither slow down nor pull over. You would think the cars would instead be more wary of me considering it's usually much darker when I'm walking home. 
My rationale for this is that because I'm technically not following the rules of the road and walking with the traffic the drivers figure they don't have to look out for me.
Kinda passive aggressive don't you think?

song: Walk this Way • artist: Aerosmith

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