Thursday, November 07, 2013

Still Crazy After All These Years

Really? Dunkin Donuts has an energy bar? Because you can't get enough of a jolt from eating a jelly doughnut with frosting?
I was at Dunkin Donuts twice recently and as I was entering the store around 1 PM there was a woman exiting who was wearing pajama bottoms.
I blame the pajamas-as-acceptable-clothing-to-wear-in-public trend on the 1980s when we all started wearing sweat pants as everyday clothes. Going out in sweatpants can be interpreted in two different ways. Either a person is trying to give the impression that they are either on their way to, or coming from - the gym, or people are just wearing them for the comfort factor.  From these two camps it was a slippery slope which diverged into two seperate fashion statements. Everyday workout clothing or yoga clothes as fashion statements and pajamas as acceptable clothing because who can argue with the comfort factor. The only thing more comfortable might be wearing your pajamas and a sleeping bag with holes in the bottom for feet.
I may be guilty of wearing the same outfit three days in a row (the underwear's clean I swear), but to misquote Paul Simon, I would not be convicted by jury of my peers, still crazy enough to wear pajamas outdoors after all these years.
At the elementary school on half days, the kids can wear their pjs to school if they donate $1 to the PTO. I think adults who go out in public in their pjs (with the exception of to their own mailboxes or to the bus stop), should be fined $1. This would go a long way towards fixing the country's debt crisis.

song: Still Crazy After All These Years • artist: Paul Simon

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