Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Walking in Your Footsteps

Pretty sure I've spent the whole summer drying beach towels and tying shoe laces.
Why oh why won't my kids wear sandals or flip flops in summer like normal children? Why do they insist, on the hottest of days, when we're just driving to the beach where we'll be taking them off anyway, on jamming their feet into knit socks and then lacing up sneakers?
It's hot and a waste of time.
I guess I get it - you can't run around as well in flip flops or sandals (it's a boy thing), it's just that to me slip on shoes were the essence of summer when I was growing up. We didn't wear sandals or flip flops during the school year - just during summer. I remember walking into the skating rink in tights but still wearing flip flops which was ridiculous because the nylon webbing between your big toe and your second toe made it impossible to keep the shoe on but it was summer dammit and if I was going to suffer the indignity of a bathing cap during swimming lessons because I had to jump out of the ocean and go straight to the skating rink then I damn well was wearing my flip flops into the rink, tights and all.

song: Walking in Your Footsteps • the Police

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Winnie said...

Must be the running thing! I love my Birenstocks (have dozens) and wear them all summer for casual work day and get sad with Labor Day approaching when shoes will need to be worn. I then have to change them before leaving. I wear them until my feet can't bear the cold any more!