Monday, March 21, 2016

To Love Somebody

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker (or bumphah stickah if you live in MA) that proclaimed "I love my husband." Well the love was a red heart so technically it said "I heart my husband," but you get the drift.
Is this what it comes down to? We need a bumper sticker to proclaim our love - - for the person we married?
Of course you love your husband! Who says you don't?
Loving your husband is a given - the only thing that's new information here is that your husband is so insecure he needs his wife to declare his love for him on the back of her freakin' car.
Or maybe she's just really, really attractive and has to fend off unwanted advances.
"I love my husband."
so back off buddy!

song: To Love Somebody • artist: Bee Gees


Archana said...

I could never have thought of this point of view! Good one!

Stopping by via the AtoZ challenge list and looking forward to your posts :)

@yenforblue from
Spice of Life!

Natasha Borah Khan said...

hahahaha.. yes, we are in the age where public declaration is given more importance than private doing.
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