Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hangman Jury

The elementary school bus was late.
I had to bring my husband the sandwich he left at home.
I forgot my computer and had to drive home to get it.
I scalded my mouth on tea from my damn-that-keeps-tea-really-hot travel mug.
There was traffic everywhere because of detours and road construction (see sentence #1).
I ended up not having to go, but maybe I would have been better off at jury duty.

song: Hangman Jury • artist Aerosmith


The Silver Fox said...

Jury duty's not that bad!

Ann Bennett said...

I get you. Nice work.

Joanne said...

It was the getting up early and driving to the courthouse that I wasn't looking forward to. I did serve several years ago (just for one day) and you're right - it wasn't that bad.