Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Luck be a Lady

Through a set of circumstances that left us without electricity for 24 hours and without water for almost 60, I found myself at the laundromat with an overflowing basket of dirty clothes; and it occurred to me that feeding a $10 bill into the coin changer was about as close to winning at Vegas as I would probably ever come.
Luck be a lady really means having clean clothes and ice cream that’s not melted.

Song: Luck be a Lady • Musical: Guys and Dolls


The Silver Fox said...

We lost power, too, for at least eight-and-a-half hours. Usually our power outages last for only a few minutes, or a couple of hours at worst.

Joanne said...

This was a long one for us too. We have well water so we lose water as well which often causes the pump to need to be primed after the power comes back on.