Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Devil Went Down to WalMart

Ugh, I had to go to the WalMart yesterday it was a huge ordeal. First we were totally out of diapers for toddler #1 which never happens as Ken is usually stocking up on diapers whenever they go on sale. So I said I'd go buy some and he's like "go to WalMart, they're cheaper." Ick. But I do because they stock the ones that have the cute little drawings by John Lennon around the waistband instead of things like Muppets, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street or Winnie the Pooh which I don't like. And I wanted to buy one of those plastic needles so todder #1 could make necklaces out of fruit loops (or the Amberwaves healthy equilivant of fruit loops) and there's no where else to buy those. So anyway I get all the stuff and then I pour through their selection of band aids looking for colorful ones that don't have Scooby Doo, Spiderman or Care Bears on them (there's only one kind that's not dull beige but rainbow colored instead), the I get in line except that they only have two cashiers working in the largest store in town so there's this huge line. So I go over to the self check line even though I've never done self check at WalMart, there's like four of them open and they are pretty backed up too. So I wait and wait and wait and I've got baby #2 with me and luckily he's not crying. Finally I'm next in line. The woman in front of me is buying back to school stuff with daughter who looks like she's in middle school. The daughter is scanning all the stuff and having to scan everything like 20 times a piece to get them to ring in. Then she gets to the end and the total's $45 and the mom's only got $40! So she tries to delete stuff off the list but of course that doesn't work so she pushes the button for help but no one shows up. Who the heck shops without a credit card these days? Finally she manages to void out her entire order and pushes her cart off to find some help or something and I get to ring in my stuff except that half my stuff is so obscure I have to type in the UPC codes because they won't ring up! It took forever and was just gastly, I think I spent twice as much time in line as it took me to gather together all the stuff to purchase.

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