Friday, September 09, 2005

It's My Party

We had a little birthday cookout for toddler #1 over the weekend. out kids, 15 adults and 2 toddlers, plus Alex and Laela's kids but they aren't really toddlers. It was totally stressful for me as I felt responsible for watching the other children and making sure toddler #1 played with them and orchestrating the cutting of the cake and the opening of the presents. Alex and Laela brought their dog to the party and at one point toddler #1 is totally fixated on watching the dog and petting him and all the other kids were ripping open his presents. It was pretty funny. Our neighbor gave him these magnetic words for the fridge and they came in a little tin lunch box, Sophia, who is three, helped the birthday boy open it up and then she held the lunchbox up and declared "all this is yours." Like he was the ruler of a small kingdom or something. Also pretty funny. I think he was a bit over excited by the whole thing though, he slept really late on Sunday then proceeded to throw up breakfast just after eating it - just like the cat does!

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