Tuesday, October 04, 2005

bad, bad, leroy brown

Toddler #1 has been going to a home daycare two mornings a week for almost two months. Everytime I pick him up I get to hear the "Zac report". Zac is one of the other boys at day care, more specifically he's the bad seed of day care. One day it was "why did Zac pull the hermit crab out of it's shell?" Then it was "Zac ran into the street" and "Zac threw a toy at the photographs." Last week Zac stepped in dog poop and when I picked my son up, Zac was being reprimanded for trying to break the plastic pinwheels outside Becky's house. In all honesty Zac's not a bad kid, he just doesn't know his own strength and hasn't got a lot of self-control. What? A toddler with little self control? Who ever heard of such a thing? Anyway, he'll probably turn out to be my son's best friend so I'd better get used to the Zac report.

song: Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown • artist: Jim Croce

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