Monday, December 19, 2005

Give me just a little more time

I just read an article in the paper about the lack of tinsel being put on live Christmas trees and I quote "people don't decorate the way they used to, they don't have the time." THEY DON'T HAVE THE TIME? Whoa. I've heard about people who don't have time to clean their houses or bake cakes from scratch or write letters, work in the yard, knit, join committees, vote, etc., etc. But not having the time to hang tinsel off a Christmas tree? What they heck are people doing with their time anyway? I drive home an night and see a TV screen glowing from just about every house I pass - do you really mean to tell me that during commercials people can't hoist themselves up from their Lazy-boys and throw a little tinsel on a Christmas tree? Wait? Isn't this a job for the kids to do anyway? Are they too busy as well? That's just pathetic!

song: Give me just a little more time • artist: The Chairman of the Board

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