Friday, November 17, 2006

Busy Bodies

My younger son's had a very busy week. On Saturday he fell off a stool and almost bit a hole through his tongue. I was thinking we should take him to the emergency room but what would they do - put a stitch in his tongue? After Ken said it wasn't that bad, and since he was laughing at his older brother while I was on the phone to the doctor's office, we decided not to take him in. It's looking better now, though earlier in the week it was kind of white and swollen and every time he stuck his tongue out it would give me the shivers. It will come in handy when he's 16 and wants to get his tongue pierced.
The doctor got to examine it anyway because we took him in on Monday for a suspected ear infection.
Later on in the week he stuck his hands into the kitty litter numerous times. While I was on the phone he picked up the cats water dish and started drinking the water out of it, later he climbed into one of the basket I keep by the door for hats, gloves, etc., and reached the handle on the water jug, pouring water all over himself; and after dinner he fell into the mostly empty bathtub while Ken and I were busy examining the weird red-marks on his brother's scalp. Yesterday while I was leaving a work-related phone message, he grabbed a drawing I had to scan for work and ripped it in half and then dismantled the stapler and bent the wire so it doesn't work any more.
song: Busy Bodies • artist: Elvis Costello

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I don't know why you make up all of these stories about that cute little boy!