Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Great Suburban Showdown

The following event took place three years ago but I'm including it because I promised my professor something funny if she read my blog.

I hadn't been using cloth diapers on the baby recently and I was feeling guilty about it so I put some on him this afternoon. Of course he instantly poops in them and cloth diapers are a bit gross when they're poopy, you have to empty its contents into the toilet and then swish the diaper around to make sure everything's off.
So I accomplish that and I take my drippy, wet, poop-stained diaper downstairs to the sink that's next to the washing machine and I put it in and put the plug in and start filling it up with hot soapy water. Then I wander off to call the swim teacher and leave her a message saying we aren't going to take swim lessons this winter; but I get distracted because the cordless phone needs to be recharged and I have to go use the rotary phone instead.
I finish making the call and I hear the noise of running water but it doesn't register that anything is wrong because I just assume it's my tea water starting to boil. It isn't of course, and I finally realize the laundry-room sink is overflowing and when I go into the room I see that the overflowing water is pouring directly into the kitter litter box, which in turn is overflowing onto the floor. It was a huge mess. I had to turn off the water and reach into the sink up to my elbow to pull the plug. Then I had to go upstairs and get the baby and put him in the Pack 'N Play for safe keeping and then bail all the water out of the liter box until it was light enough to pick up and take outside and dump. Then I spread towels all over the floor to soak up the water and then I washed the floor and the towels. It took about 45 minutes to clean up, plus I'm running around trying to finish before Ken gets home so he won't find out and think I'm a big idiot.
Boy, that cloth diaper sure did save a lot of resources!

song: The Great Suburban Showdown • artist: Billy Joel

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