Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Material Girl

I was all set to mock the radio commercial about the woman who tells her husband, Stuart, that she wants jewelry for Christmas. She goes on to tell Stuart (he is obviously a dim bulb) which jewelry store to patronize because of their reputation as "jewelry experts;" her rationale being that if she were going to buy him a set of wrenches she would of course seek the wise counsel of the "wrench experts."
It occurred to me that Stuart was getting the short end of the stick. How much is a wrench set, fifty dollars tops? No doubt he would be shelling out considerably more than that after his visit to the "jewelry experts." But then I did some research on line and found Stuart's dream wrench set for $479.89, which ladies, if you order it now, is on sale for $241.62.
So yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus; and yes, there is a wrench set that's the monetary equivalent of a jewelry purchase. Although if you recall, the woman in the ad doesn't actually promise Stuart she's going to the "wrench experts" for Christmas, she merely uses it as an analogy. She's probably going to the "tie experts" again. I wonder what the world's most expensive tie costs?

song: Material Girl • artist: Madonna

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