Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Reason to Believe

It looks as if I'm obsessed with signs this week.
Remember when I griped about people idling their cars. for what seems like hours on end? Well I found some kindred spirits in Maine. This sign is in the parking lot of a school in downtown Portland, and, there was a similar sign urging tour buses not to idle in the parking lot in front of the lighthouse at Portland Head. Yes, they both seem to focus on buses, but it's a start.

song: A Reason to Believe • artist: Rod Stewart


Kelly said...

I live in Medford and the school down the street from me, has these kinds of signs with cars on them. Just thought I share. :))

Joanne said...

Thanks Kelly - that's good to know. I wish they'd put one up in front of my son's preschool. There are no buses, though, just parents dropping off and picking up and leaving their cars running for a long time.