Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leave Me Alone

C acted terrible all day yesterday. It was one of those days that, before you were a mother and had kids, you couldn't understand how those mothers could stand it; kids screaming at each other a dozen times a day, good grief, what kind of life is that?
It was the exact opposite of what you'd expect. Not the usual little brother annoys big brother routine. Every time H would get involved in some project, C would drop what he was doing and hone in on him. He'd immediately ask, "can I have the hose, can I have that rock," or, "can I have that truck." Inevitably H would say, "no" and then C would grab it away from him, claiming, "he never shares!" Then H would start screaming.
It happened over and over and over again despite my best efforts to remind C that if he'd just let his brother alone for five minutes H would eventually want C to join in; and in reality he's very good at sharing, at least for a two year old.
It was all making me long for a day in the not too distant future when H will be able to beat the cr–p out of his older brother and I won't need to intervene on his behalf.

song: Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) • artist: Helen Reddy


Anonymous said...

Oh this post is all too true in my life as well.

First paragraph: totally relate and can't believe i'm living it.

Second paragraph: mine just runs over and grabs it out of her hand

Third paragraph: so true, although in my case she looses interest after a minute but he won't wait that long.

Fourth paragraph: although I really don't like violence or hitting, I sort of can't wait for the day she beats the cr*p out of him. I'll be cheering silently on the sidelines.

Kelly - Medford.
btw I drove by the FHS this past weekend, what a mess they've made of it. Also did Ken run the Main St mile, how did he do?

Joanne said...

Ken ran with C and I walked it with H who ended up wanting no part of the whole thing even though he loves to run around the track at the high school. The high school is a total mess! Which leads me to the next post...

Anonymous said...

Joanne, perhaps I can help you out with your consternation over C's behavior. I remember a strikingly similar few days with my son...guess when? Almost exactly to the week of his fifth birthday! I remember being so baffled at the time because he had always been such a joy that I would have loved 10 boys just like him! I even remember booking his first "away from home" birthday party at the Cape Cod Children's Museum (back when it was in the second location at the Falmouth Mall) and making a comment about his newfound "attitude" to someone I knew there. I'll pass on what she told me: don't worry, things will be better soon--and you know what, she was absolutely right! (He also had a younger sibling at the time and I was pregnant, too, although not with twins!)

Take care you great mom,