Tuesday, October 28, 2008


People assume that because I have four kids, I know what it means when one of them is crying.
Sometimes I even assume it myself, but beyond crying because they are hungry or crying because they are wet, I'm at just as much of a loss when my fourth baby cries as I was six years ago when I was new at this game.
I take solace, however, in being in good company. On Friday night N cried from midnight to 3:30AM for what seemed like no reason. He wasn't hungry. He wasn't wet. He wasn't being poked him in the eye by H. Ken and I were clueless.
The next evening Ken took N with him to pick up his relay number for Sunday's marathon. Mary Jo Bradley took one look at N and noted that his two bottom teeth were starting to come in.
C wants to know when I'm going to wear a costume for Halloween. Doesn't he know that I'm wearing my mommy-pretending-to-know-what-she's-doing costume almost every day?

song: Pretending • artist: Eric Clapton

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