Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pretty in Pink

This is a picture taken while we were waiting in line to see the hogs at the Fryeburg Fair on Saturday. That's right folks, we waited in line to see pigs. When it was finally our turn we only got to see the pigs on the right side of the barn, since, in addition to the line we had been waiting in, there was also a steady stream of traffic going in the other direction.
Therefore I don't know if there was some super incredible, terrific, humble, radiant pigs in the pens on the left side of the barn - all I saw were a lot of big pigs and some cute piglets on the right. Were they cute enough to stand in line for? Absolutely. I've stood in line for less. Mostly, though, I think people were standing in line for the same reason I did - so they could say that they did.
There's another good phrase to put on a t-shirt: "I stood in line to see pigs at the Freyburg Fair."

song: Pretty in Pink • artist: The Psychedelic Furs

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