Sunday, November 22, 2009

Star Wars

Star Wars is everywhere. You would think I'd have noticed before now.
Some of his little friends had seen the movie so C wanted to follow suit. The library rents it so we procured a copy. He planted himself determinately on the couch last Saturday night and watched it.
It was then that I finally saw the light. Lightsaber that is. I'd seen the LEGOs, sure, and the pop-up book at the little library, but it didn't sink in until Sunday when I heard an interview with Carrie Fisher on NPR which featured a Star Wars clip, one I could have recited verbatim, having just heard it the previous night ("well somebody has to save our skins!") On Monday I read that Symphony Hall had just held a Star Wars night featuring music from the series accompanied by movie clips. I made a mental note in the Davis Square bookstore that the children's corner had a number of Clone War graphic novels, the same books that were being readily scooped by seven-year-old boys two days later at the North Falmouth Elementary School's book fair.
The same night the book fair featured author T.M. Murphy who described a character in one of his novels as wearing "the same Star Wars shirt every day."
On Friday Esther alerted us to the website where people post examples of average lives that are infinitely more interesting than mine (hint to site posters in high school and college, you don't know the meaning of having an average day). One poster revealed that the first time her boyfriend said he loved her was, "after I won an argument regarding whether or not Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one."
It's hard to believe that a campy movie from the 70s and the many sequels and prequels it's spawned is truly the diabolical force controlling our every move. But the facts are irrefutable.
If only the force would stop by and cook dinner and I could exercise a little Obi Wan-like mind control over my children.

song: Star Wars • artist: John Williams


Kelly said...

This post made me go back into my FB statuses from a cousin that I thought was so funny: "Personal highlight of the Star Wars Symphony...Judy looks at Jared who has a very intense look on his face and is violently pushing his hands together. She says, "Jared, are you ok?" Jared says "yeah." Judy says "what are you doing?" Jared: "I'm using the force!""

Yes star wars is everywhere. Wait till your kids want to start watching Star Wars Clones on Friday nights.

Joanne said...

Good grief. I didn't know there was a TV show. But more importantly, I don't think C knows.

Kelly said...

I didn't either, but now that I know about it, I see the backpacks and tshirts everywhere on the boys at school. Its called star wars - the clone wars (i got the name wrong). My son watched one and doesn't ask to watch it again, still likes to watch Dinosaur Train and Sid the Science kid.