Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Bed's Too Big Without You

Thanks everyone who e-mailed condolences about the cat. She had a good life for a cat - she lazed around in a lot of sunny spots, caught the occasional mouse, enjoyed chasing flashlights, and always got the milk at the bottom of my bowl of cereal. Even with four kids in it the house feels empty without her.
A friend commented on the cat's lifelong bladder control issues which reminded me of what was perhaps her most impressive stunt - peeing on the bed of the one person who had the audacity to not like her. E thought it was tea stains. Tea stains!
Score one for the cat.
H, who has a closet full of stuffed doggies, all named Silo, thinks we should get a new cat - and name it Rufus.

song: The Bed's Too Big Without You • artist: The Police

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