Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cute as a Bug

I wonder what the species of a favorite stuffed animal says about a child. S, and N are fans of the teddy bear - as was C. In fact "bear" is one of the few descernable words in the twin's so far limited, vocabulary.
H was and still is a stuffed doggie kind of guy.
It's really cute when the twins bite on the noses of the stuffed bears we call "Black Bear" and "Edward Bear." It doesn't sound cute but really - it's cute.
It's not as cute as when one twin knocks the other over and then the bruiser tries to cheer up his twin with some well-aimed pats on the head.
Or when one of their older brothers is crying the twins pull over the step stool so one of them can climb up on it in order to pat H or C on the head.
Or today when they both climbed on top of the changing table and emptied a full box of baby wipes onto the floor.
Or when you say, "give your brother a kiss and they both start chasing each other around making kissing noises.
But it's still cute.

song: Cute as a Bug • artist: Lyle Lovett

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