Monday, February 08, 2010

Instant Karma

Let me get this straight: Dementors suck away all your happiness, cause depression, leave you in despair, and, if exposed to one long enough, can render you insane?
So Dementors are like my kids.
C and I enjoyed the Harry Potter exhibition at the Museum of Science. I feel like some sort of groupie - what to they call Harry Potter groupies anyway? Potheads?
The exhibition had all sorts of groovy stuff from the movies: the triwizard cup, Hagrid's hut, Voldemort's clothes, mandrakes, giant chess pieces, the sorcerer's stone, and Dumbledore's wand.
The only thing that wasn't so groovy was that the exhibit exited through the inevitable special gift shop, teeming with overpriced "official" Harry Potter merchandise which you can buy cheaper on Amazon.
Thankfully C, sensing that I wasn't going to spend more than $20 on souvenirs, picked out a modest pair of Harry Potter eyeglasses packaged with a replica of Harry's wand.
Back in our day we would have described Harry Potter eyeglasses as John Lennon glasses.

song: Instant Karma • artist: John Lennon

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