Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

As any self-respecting mother who loves her family knows, bell peppers are always topping the list of vegetables you should buy organic. So I set out to buy some. They didn't have any at Amber Waves when I went in to buy my over-priced conditioner, chocolate covered almonds, and peanut butter substitute. At Shaws they had organic peppers but they were packaged in pairs under plastic wrap on a piece of cardboard. I cannot understand this. It's like a two-night minimum stay on the weekends, why must I buy two peppers when I only need one? And why do the organic peppers come with packaging while the pesticide-laced peppers do not?
Organic eggs are the same deal; they're organic but they come in styrofoam packaging instead of cardboard egg cartons. It's the supermarket's way of sticking it to you because you can't have your organic produce and recycle it too.
The non-organic peppers have no extraneous packaging but they are freakishly large. They are atomic mutant peppers.
The organic peppers come from Mexico. We can't grow organic peppers and over package them in our own country?
I paced back and forth between the organic and non-organic peppers. They're not next to each other in the store as you might expect because the organic food isn't allowed to mingle with the non-organic food, it's in their contract.
Time was ticking away and I could hear, somewhere in the distance, the preschool bus heading for my house and I still had to contend with organic verses non-organic celery - another top ten offender.
My family would probably starve if it weren't that Ken does most of the shopping.

song: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band • artist: The Beatles

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