Saturday, July 17, 2010

Make 'Em Laugh

It occurred to me that Jerry Seinfeld is the 90s equivalent to Felix Ungar so let me amend my cultural references in the last post so they're a little less out of date.
It seems that life is quite often like a sitcom. Which I guess is better than saying life is quite often like a drama, or reality tv.
So I'm having a mammogram done last week and the technician is looking over my chart. She asks me about a biopsy I had done, when I had it and what the results were.
Then she says, "And where did you have the biopsy done?"
And I say, "In the doctor's office."
And she raises her eyebrows to look at me over her glasses and says, "No dear, where on your breast?"
Cue laugh track.

song: Make 'Em Laugh • musical: Singing in the Rain

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