Sunday, January 16, 2011

Never Say Good Bye

N continues to out pee S. Yesterday we had to hoof it over to the library from the Mullen Hall playground when he announced, "I do pee pees!" Then we spent 20 minutes in the children's room bathroom, taking off parkas and snow pants, washing hands, drying hands, getting dressed, and washing hands again times two because S, after watching N, wanted to go through the motions.
S likes to stand in the bathroom with N and when N's done doing his business, S likes to jump in and flush the toilet which leaves me saying absurd things like, "those aren't your pee pees! When you do pee pees - you can flush them. Those are your brother's pee pees."
Meanwhile N is gazing longingly into the bowl going "bye bye pee pees."
Sure. He won't say "Nite, nite, Mommy" but he'll give his urine a big send off.

song: Never Say Good Bye • artist: Bon Jovi

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