Sunday, April 24, 2011

Living On A Prayer

Every time I looked for Ken to help out at the lodge on Thursday with chores such as stacking firewood and bringing in water he was sleeping on the couch. It was as if he was playing Peter to my Jesus in an impromptu and well-timed staging of the Maundy Thursday garden of Gethsemane scene where Jesus basically calls Peter a lazy arse for not being able to stay awake for an hour.
And in related religious news I give you:

The Jelly Bean Prayer
Red is for the blood he gave.
Green is for the grass he made.
Yellow is for the sun so bright.
Orange is for the edge of night.
Black is for the sins we made.
White is for the grace he gave.
Purple is for his hour of sorrow.
Pink is for our new tomorrow.
A bag full of jelly beans colorful and sweet
Is a prayer, is a promise, is a special treat.

I've heard the one about the origins of the candy cane, and the passion flower, the significance of the poinsettia, and how pretzels are arms folded in prayer; but jelly beans? Hows about a prayer for the avoidance of tooth decay? A prayer for the parents of children revved up on a sugar high? A prayer for the soulful conversion of Devil Dogs?

song: Living on a Prayer • artist: Bon Jovi

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