Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Town

Why is there nothing to make one feel more like a townie than taking one's children to the bowling alley?
It was supposed to rain yesterday but didn't until we got home. It wasn't sunny though. If it had been sunny I'd have felt guilty about being inside.
Bowling is one of those sports that most people just do. No one thinks about signing up for a bowling lesson. Who needs a lesson? We all watched bowling on Saturday mornings when we were kids and it came on after the cartoons were over. I watched until I was able to pull myself out of my sugary-cereal-induced coma long enough to get off the shag carpet and turn off the television. Probably because it was a nice day out and watching bowling on a nice day is even more guilt inducing that playing it.
All I can say about playing yesterday is a) thank goodness they put up the gutter bumpers for H 'cause we all benefited from that, b) check out the fancy new computer screens that keep score for you! and c) I think I pulled a groin muscle.

song: Small Town • artist: John Mellencamp

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