Sunday, May 08, 2011

Once in a Very Blue Moon

There was so much trash on the side of the road between our house and the North Falmouth Elementary School on walk to school day that the boys and I decided to limit what we picked up to the worst offender: plastic.
Anyone who lives with an elementary school student knows that turtles eat plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish and albatross down plastic soda caps like candy. Why don't they teach kids about the potentially harmful plastics (PET, PVC, BPA, etc) they are ingesting themselves?
Anyway, by the looks of what we saw and picked up, I have to conclude that West and North Falmouth residents have a serious nip bottle problem, like smoking those skinny cigars, and save their bottles of Blue Moon beer to redeem but toss the bottle caps out their car windows.

song: Once in a Very Blue Moon • artist: Nanci Griffith

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