Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Light My Fire

The Dork Family on the way home from the library:

H: "Mom! Can I turn on my light?"
M: "Sure."
C: "Mom! I need to turn on MY light!"
M: "Your brother asked first."
C: "SO. The type in my book is smaller. It's harder to read."
M: "Don't you have a book light back there?"
C: "Nooooo! The book light casts a big shadow across the page."
M: "Well. I can't have both the back seat lights on at once."
C: general moaning and groaning
M: "You know when I was a kid cars only had one interior light, right in the middle of the roof. And we never turned it on. If you wanted to read while you riding in the car at night you just had to wait until the car passed under a street light to have some light roll across your page and you got to maybe read one sentence before the light faded to black and you had to wait some more. And you had to keep your finger on the page so you could find your spot again quickly otherwise you'd end up reading the same line over and over again. And we never complained."

song: Light My Fire • artist: The Doors

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