Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Thing

If my kids have the day off from school - what's so "good" about it?

song: Good Thing • artist: Fine Young Cannibals


Kevin said...

I find it funny that the same schools who don't want religion, God or Jesus in their buildings have Good Friday off.

That's just me...

Joanne said...

Yes. I'm as baffled by it as my six year old was when he found out he had to go to school on Halloween.
"Isn't it a holiday Mommy?"
"Only for Wiccas son. Only for Wiccas."
Even more baffling is that my kids have next Friday off as well. April 16 through the 20th isn't enough?

a.eye said...

As a teacher, I always wonder how parents not in education work out their kids' days off (especially when the kids are young and need supervision).