Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Santa's going to have his hands full this year.
H said he's asking for a magic wand, "that really works," and for an instruction book so he can "learn how to use the force."
He also said that his friend Robert was asking Santa for "a girl that likes him."
I asked H if he wanted to ask Santa for a girl that like him too and he said no - adding that he thought that was a "dumb thing" to ask Santa for and that he told Robert he should ask Santa for something else.

song: Wishlist • artist: Pearl Jam


another jennifer said...

Nice. I love it when kids get very specific. If you find that instruction manual, please let me know. My son would love one! (Visiting from NaBloPoMo soup.)

Joanne said...

I'm hoping once Santa delivers he'll use the Force to clean his room.