Saturday, November 03, 2012


The twins have invented a new word: lasterday.
Lasterday is a cross between "last night" and "yesterday" and it appear to be a synonym for "the other day" when we use that phrase to mean some span of time in the past that could be anywhere from one week to 20 years go.
For example: "Lasterday, when the power was out, we had to use our flashlights."
Or: "Lasterday, when I was in college, you could ride the subway for 60 cents."

song: Yesterday • artist: The Beatles


Kathy said...

Cool word. It works!!


Joanne said...

Thanks Kathy. We're all using it at our house. It's great for when you can't remember when exactly something happened. Which is always the case for me.

Dana said...

Love this! The synonym at our
house for "lasteryear" was