Monday, July 01, 2013

Cuts Like a Knife

Remembering that C got his first pocket knife when he was eight, H decided that he was due. The staff at the lodge called around and, this being NH, quickly came back to us with directions to Abe's Awesome Armaments in New Hampton. Awesome Abe had it all: knives, guns, swords, throwing stars, you name it. I love a guy who's into weapons and alliteration. And when we went to check out, $10 (used!) Swiss army knife in hand, Awesome Abe (or the guy at the cash register) told me he liked my recycled rice bag wallet - which seemed odd. You'd think the kind of wallet Awesome Abe would like would be one made of bison leather - assuming that you'd killed and skinned the bison yourself and stitched it together using cat gut. 
Back at the lodge later that afternoon I told H he shouldn't use his knife around the other kids because I was afraid that 1) he might hurt someone and 2) in seconds they'd all be lining up to try it and the other parents would be horrified.
But there was a third option I hadn't thought of and a few minutes later he was back inside.
"Mom, there are two other kids outside whittling with their pocket knives, can I sit and whittle with them?"
I gave their mom my phone number.

song: Cuts Like a Knife • artist: Bryan Adams


Winnie said...

This made me smile. My late hubby used to be the keeper of the pocketknife on trips etc. He got me one that was easy to open and close (I am a danger to myself) etc. My current hubby went and bought me a "special" french one that I am sure cost some bucks as a christmas gift as I carry my other one to cut lemons (yep, weird but I need them for tea). I CANNOT open and close it. I am afraid of it. UGH. I went back to my old one. Love that your boys learned young..

Joanne said...

Thanks for your comment Winnie! I like that you use your knife to cut lemons! Full disclosure forces me to reveal that I also own not one but two pocket knives though the second was a free gift for membership at my favorite local farm. I keep them both in my car and use them mainly to cut eggplants from the vine though I wouldn't mind giving whittling a try.