Saturday, July 06, 2013

See the World

Up until Thursday I had not been to the town's fireworks display in years because I labor under the suspicion that they are an enormous waste of money. Thursday's show, under a blanket of low-lying fog, did nothing to change my position. I did however, find it amusing how - once people figured out the firework were going to be partially obscured due to fog - everyone stood up. Woah - what does that give you - another three-and-a-half feet of elevation? Ain't gonna help.
And speaking of obscured vision, it was nice years back when the bikpath portion through West Falmouth was finishing and different groups went about beautifying it by planting flowers and ornamental grasses where the path intersects Old Dock Road except that it's impossible this time of year to see past the grasses and the day lilies in order to ascertain whether or not a biker is actually on the path headed towards the intersection.
In retrospect I think the intersection should have been spruced up with some attractive ground covers or moss varieties instead.

song: See the World • artist: Gomez

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sue said...

That money went up into the fog for no one to see!!!