Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the Road Again

En route to Nova Scotia.
Christine once explained that vanity plates are ridiculously cheap in New Hampshire, hence, everyone has one. Not to have one would in fact make you appear to be at most a stingy bastard and at the very least someone who lacks imagination.
While a vanity plate isn't as permanent as a tattoo one can't help but wonder what happens when PRLJAM decides he likes the band Nirvana better or when BFYMAN loses weight (or becomes a vegetarian)? What happens when VL+MC split up?
And what about the van that sped past me while I was going 65 with a plate that read ZAZEN? Late to a Buddhist retreat?
Lastly there was a mini bus with the marque Jesus Saves emblazoned on the front. It was towing a medium-sized U-Haul. So what exactly does Jesus save? A lot of stuff if that U-Haul is any indicator - Jesus in fact - might just be a packrat.

song: On The Road Again • artist: Willie Nelson

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