Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yellow Submarine

C was humming "Yellow Submarine" a few weeks ago and I mentioned that not only was that a song - it was also a movie.
"Let's get it," he said.
And so - courtesy of the Edgartown Public Library - we did.
I'm not sure my kids liked it although they wouldn't admit it because then I would have suggested turning it off and going to bed. They did admit that "it's colorful." I might have enjoyed it more since I at least had a glass of wine to drink while watching.
The day following the movie everyone went around chanting "we all live in a yellow submarine," and pulling the black felt circles we'd made out of their pants pockets and exclaiming, "there's a hole in my pocket!" They all agreed that Ringo was their favorite Beatle.
At one point H asked me if I'd seen the movie before.
"Yes, a long time ago."
"I thought so Mommy, because you knew a lot of those songs."

song: Yellow Submarine • artist: The Beatles

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Winnie said...

I picked up 3 christmas ornaments that look just like that (one for hubby, and the other two for his friends. Major Beetles fans. Me, I like Paul and his mellow songs. Tonight taking hubby to see Jimmy Buffet (he is going, but I am the excited one...)