Thursday, September 10, 2009

Having My Baby

On Friday a woman the Quarterdeck restaurant asked me if I was expecting.
This was, mind you, not a stranger, but someone who knows that I already have four children – I was holding one when she asked.
“Ah, no, not me. That's just 19-month-old, residual, baby fat that I'm trying to hide. Thanks for pointing it out though. I'll be heading home now.”
When does baby fat stop being baby fat and make the shift to just plain old fat?
When the baby can walk?
When the baby can talk?
When the baby begins studying for his Phd?

song: Having My Baby • artist: Paul Anka


Anonymous said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! YOU IN NO WAY LOOK LIKE YOU ARE EXPECTING. (the caps are on purpose) I am assuming the person who asked this of you was drunk! Laurie

Joanne said...

That didn't occur to me (it was only 6:30) but maybe she was drunk. I like the idea anyway.