Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wild Thing

I can't believe they've made a full-length feature film based on Where The Wild Things Are, a book which takes all of five minutes to read and is far more famous for its illustrations that its plot.
What's next? Good Night Moon? The action in Good Night Moon does take place over the course of an hour, (remember the hands on the clock?) with the remaining 30 minutes they could really flesh out that subplot about the three little bears sitting on chairs.

song: Wild Thing • artist: The Troggs


Anonymous said...

Oh I hadn't heard that one has been made into a movie.

I do really want to see Cloudy with a Chance....

As for Good Night Moon, my favorite book as a child, they could also get into the life of the mouse, he does have a lot of action in the book. And possibly add in cooking tips for how to make proper mush.

ok, i'll stop trying to be funny.


Joanne said...

I wouldn't go by this as a formal review but C saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with a friend and her family. He said it wasn't anything like the book and, "kinda scary."
You bring up some excellent points about Good Night Moon. They could also explain the quiet old lady - who is she? The grandmother? The nanny? The librarian? (she is "whispering hush").
In the movie version she would be some kind of creepy intruder and the mouse would have to help save the little bunny - maybe fling that hot bowl of mush at her.

Anonymous said...

oh thats good to know, B gets scared. might be worth renting and watching beforehand. thanks for the review.

Joanne said...

Take it with a grain of salt, C gets scared pretty easily too. I think part of it is just that anything on the big screen is a lot more intense.