Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Summer Fly

Highest number of eggs gathered at Coonamessett Farm at one time: 10
Number of trips to Megansett Beach for swim lessons: 12+
Number of times mommy went swimming (head dunk constitutes swimming): 2
Number of round-trip rides to Woods Hole on the trolley: 1
Number of round-trip rides on papa's boat: 3
Number of pennies flatted on the train tracks: 5
Number of games of cribbage played with Ken: 10+
Number of trips to the Barnstable County Fair: 1
Number of times mommy practiced guitar: 1
Number of pre and post road race parties attended: 3
Number of hats lost on outdoor excursions: 0
Number of guest book signatures between Memorial Day and Labor Day: 5
Number of backyard tomatoes picked: 2
Number of tomato pies made: 1

song: Summer Fly • artist: Cheryl Wheeler

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